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Wheel cleansing and Ceramic Wheel treatment now offered @ Glossworks

By: Glossworks | 29 Mar 2015

Glossworks Autospa offers a wheel cleansing service, which includes the removal of all dirt, brake dust, tar spots, and iron deposits. The wheels are properly cleansed with our professional line of gentle cleaners, and properly prepped before the application of CQuartz Ceramic paint treatment. This long lasting coating will prevent the buildup of brake dust from etching into your wheels, and provide years of easy maintenance.

Pricing as follows (per set):
New wheels: $250
Used wheels: $300
Removal + Re-install: $50

Buildup of brake dust and iron deposits on the face of a used BMW wheel.

After a full cleanse + Ceramic coating.

This wheel went a full year of driving without ever having the barrels cleaned.bmwwheel03

After a full cleanse + application of the wheel coating.bmwwheel04

Close up of the brake dust buildup.

Brake dust, tar spots, and all iron deposits were properly removed, leaving a perfectly clean finish for proper coating application.

Close up of the lettering on the back of the spokes, none of which were visible before cleansing.


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